Monday, April 28, 2008

Voter ID only makes sense!

Great news today from the U.S. Supreme Court...Indiana's Voter ID law was upheld by a 6-3 vote! Does anybody else see a pattern here? In just a few short months, the ACLU & their Democratic friends have filed several suits including, "Prayer" at the Statehouse, the "In God We Trust" license plate, and now the "Voter ID" law...ALL of which were ruled in OUR favor!! When will it ever dawn on these people that Hoosiers believe in common sense? And Hoosier common sense again prevailed!

Is it not common sense to allow legislators and visiting pastors to pray at the opening of the General Assembly, as it has been since our forefathers founded this State? Uncensored prayer is not just common sense, but constitutionally protected and upheld by the Court. But even though we won that issue, we still CANNOT pray an "uncensored" prayer because one man, the House Speaker, still says, "no".

A few weeks ago, we won the "In God We Trust" plate issue and more than 1.6 million Hoosiers are proudly bearing that plate on their vehicle and now today the Voter ID law. I am proud to have been a co-author on both of those pieces of legislation. They are common sense issues. My district, resoundingly, supported both issues. Maybe we're finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel of the liberal agenda and true conservative, common sense lives on!

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