Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Representative Walorski on the Harvest Show!

See Jackie today on the Harvest show as she speaks about the Prayer Ban Victory in Indiana!
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thanks to all of you who attended the "Repeal Property Tax" rally on Friday night..it was great! For those of you who didn't let me reiterate one point that is critical to remember on this issue. There is ONE person who stands between 6.2 million Hoosiers and true property tax reform OR repeal and that is House Speaker Patrick Bauer. If he doesn't hear these extremely important bills, there will be no votes. You might want to call or email him to urge him to MOVE on this issue in January.

Also: please remember to vote on Tuesday...VOTE FOR JUAN MANIGAULT, JEFF REA & JIM PETTIT!!! We CANNOT lose these important Mayoral races! If you know someone that lives in the city limits of these three cities of South Bend, Mishawaka or Elkhart....call them and encourage them to vote for these guys. In addition, offer to pick them up, drive them to vote, take a friend, etc. EVERY VOTE will count this year so it is critical. YOU will make the difference.

Hope to see you at the celebration parties Tuesday night!!