Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen... Start your engines...

Ladies & Gentlemen...start your engines!! We're now racing toward a wave of pure Socialism in the United States! It started with Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama's mandate for Universal Health Care...a completely failed system globally. Government has never done a good job of taking care of people, it cannot even take care of itself..I don't want the government in charge of my life or the lives of my family.

Now, we're talking about the government buying actual "interests" in our banking system! A nationalized banking system, nationalized health care...what's next??? Americans...wake up! Are we really going to let FEAR take over and give away your rights, your country and your kids future! The United States of America does not need to abandon our Constitution for a trial run into a quasi form of Socialism. We don't need "cradle to grave" intervention by a heavy-handed, giant government..let America be America the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Don Henley wrote a song for the Eagles back in the 1980's called "Dirty Laundry". It says, "the bubble-headed, bleached- blonde comes on at 5, she can tell you 'bout a plane crash with a gleam in her eye".... move up the clock about 25 years and it's still the same media, with a gleam in their eye as we're inches away from pulling the rug out from underneath this great nation.

Wake up voters..or the morning of November 5th will be a nightmare.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New On-Line Contribution Opportunity!

With only 27 days remaining before the most important election in our lifetime, I need your help more than ever. Today, you can assist me as I continue to fight for our family values, better jobs and more money in our pockets. The battle that we are in is real, the stakes are high and we're making a real difference together. I need your help today. If you can give today, check it out. It's safe, secure, easy and it will make a significant difference. "
Jackie Walorski

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Hold these people accountable!

Sarah Palin made an interesting observation last week during the VP's debate. She said that Americans are living in debt & above their means and no one is accepting personal responsibility, just expecting someone to bail them out. Is it any wonder that we have generations of people living in massive debt, can't pay their mortgages, car payments and excessive credit card debt? They are products of a government that has gone wild and led by example...the federal bail out bill has now burdened our great grand children with a load of debt they will never get out from under. Palin's right...people aren't accepting personal responsibility but it could be because Big Brother government simply isn't being held accountable. This Congress that has been in control for the past two years hasn't delivered on ONE promise that they made to get elected. Not one. Gas prices are higher, the stock market nearly crashed and Wall Street just mortgaged our grand children's future.
When is enough, enough? In 28 days, hold these people accountable, exercise true personal responsibility and vote to remove this Congress, led by none other than the promise maker herself, Nancy Pelosi.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

33 days to wake up...

Is it any wonder that the liberal media runs this nation like a puppet on a string? Multiple millions of people are going to be watching a debate tonight between the two VP candidates Palin & Biden and we're going to say that it's "OK" for an Obama supporter to be the moderator? I don't care how "professional" Gwen Ifill claims to be...if you're going to write a book, make money and endorse a candidate for president...quit your day job!!! This liberal media doesn't even have to be strategic or covert in their attempt to silence their opposition...we are giving it to them! Listen voters...we have 33 days to either wake up, stand up or get run over.