Friday, April 18, 2008

Refreshing Report

I have a refreshing report! I had the honor of speaking at the University of Notre Dame's Republican Club. This group launched their First Lincoln Day Dinner and brought in more than 70 conservative students. What a night, as some of the best and brightest this nation has to offer, talked about ways to "unite" conservatives. As a model for other college clubs, they brought together not only their Republican Club but also the Pro Life Club and other "values oriented" individuals and groups.

Here's the amazing part: This group, comprised of mostly finance/political science types, opened this event in prayer...actually prayed in "Jesus" name!! (Quite a shock to this legislator, who CANNOT do so on the floor of the Indiana House!) They talked about fiscal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, protecting marriage and other incredible subjects. They were confident, excited and resolute in their desire to keep our nation focused on the very issues that made our country strong.

These students believe that bringing like-minded people together, even if they don't agree on every single issue, will produce a stronger front in fighting the agenda of left-wing liberals. A lesson many like-minded adults can learn from.

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