Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kudos to Emergency Responders!

Kudos to the Emergency Responders from all over Elkhart, St. Joseph & LaPorte Counties for braving yesterday's paralyzing, freezing rain storm. I haven't seen the kind of damage brought by freezing rain with the closure of US 31, Indiana Toll Road and the US 20 Bypass in decades.

There were dozens of accidents on the US 20 bypass and when the police barricaded the entrances, trying to shut off traffic, there were several reports of people getting out, moving the barricades and getting on the ice rink to drive! Unbelievable. In the midst of traffic accidents everywhere, our Emergency Responders do what they always do...their best to protect all of us, even the wild ones who insist on driving in treacherous conditions.

I'll bet some legislator will have a new law, ready for the books, about driving around barricades in emergencies! Just kidding. It's just another example of the inability to legislate common sense..even if it means saving lives or saving us from ourselves!

A huge thank you to every responder who risked their lives to save dozens of Hoosiers.

Jackie Walorski

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Updated Alert

Last week I asked Attorney General Steve Carter to investigate Planned Parenthood of Indiana, based upon an undercover "sting" operation on video that had a supposed 13-yr. old Hoosier girl impregnated by a 31yr. old man. The employee of Planned Parenthood in a Bloomington Clinic, was caught on tape, advising the girl to cover up the statutory rape..a felony and advised her to go out of State to get an abortion because of Indiana's parental consent law.

At midnight last night, another video tape was released, this time showing the same girl talking to two different Planned Parenthood employees, this time at an Indianapolis Clinic. The answers the girl received were virtually identical...cover up the crime, get an out of state abortion and circumvent Indiana's laws and leave a sexual abuser lose to commit another crime.

Seeing these events occur at two different locations in Indiana and seeing 3 different employees react in virtually the same manner, showing a blatant disregard for all Indiana laws pertaining to protecting minors from sexual abuse, today, I called for the "defunding" of Planned Parenthood of Indiana.

Attorney General Steve Carter is investigating the Planned Parenthood allegations and I asked him to now widen that investigation and also look into the possibility of Medicaid fraud. Today, I also asked FSSA Secretary to immediately cease the distribution of all tax payer funds, including Medicaid Reimbursement dollars, to Indiana Planned Parenthood. As an agency contracted to do business in Indiana and receive Medicaid dollars, they should be held accountable for upholding all State laws that pertain to them.

This story has flown into the national spotlight because of the blatant disregard for Indiana's law regarding the protection of minors. I believe, that irregardless of your view of the pro-life/pro-choice question, this is now a matter of public safety. We have to commit to protecting young women in this State.

You can check out these appalling videos on my website. It's time to stand up and bring this type of contempt and blatant disregard for the law to an end.

State Representative
Jackie Walorski

Second violation prompts Walorski to call for Planned Parenthood's defunding.

At midnight last night, there was yet another undercover "sting" video released on the antics of Planned Parenthood of Indiana. This time the city was Indianapolis and there were two employees that encouraged a supposed 13-yr. old girl to NOT report a statutory rape by a 31 yr. old man and they encouraged her to go out of State to get an abortion where there are not parental consent laws.

Last week I asked Atty. General Steve Carter for a full investigation of this agency. Today, I am asking Carter and FSSA Secretary Mitch Roob to suspend Indiana Planned Parenthood's funding until a complete investigation into Medicaid fraud can be completed. If this agency isn't complying with State laws and yet receiving millions of tax dollars, there should be an investigation.

More importantly, I hope that Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi will investigate this since there was a cover up of a felony crime, caught on in Marion County. How many more counties and how many more girls, victims of sexual abuse, are caught in this trap? This second tape now appears to show a pattern of training for Planned Parenthood employees....cover up abuse, don't report a crime, send the young victims out of State. This is appalling.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Planned Parenthood~No protection for Women

Late last week I sent a letter to Attorney General Steve Carter asking for him to formally investigate Indiana's Planned Parenthood Agency. I did so after viewing the "sting" operation video tape that was released to the world via the Fox News Program, Bill O'Reilly. I was appalled at the reaction of a PP employee to a supposed 13-yr. old Hoosier girl who had been the victim of a statutory rape, by a 31-yr. old man, a felony in Indiana. The PP employee overlooked the crime, covered up a felony and then advised the young crime victim to go over the State lines to get an abortion where no one would know and back into the arms of a sex abuser.

Where has the State of Indiana drifted to, if we cannot stand up for the personal protection of our young women? Domestic violence in Indiana, and nationwide, is often unreported or under reported and claims thousands of women as victims. Here, caught on videotape, was yet another potential victim and thousands of Hoosiers are standing by silently as this kind of crime is covered up.

I hope, during this Season when we are celebrating life, we add common sense, "personal protection for young Hoosiers" to our list of things we are praying for. Wake up Hoosiers...this catastrophe at Planned Parenthood is symbolic of anyone and everyone's daughter.

Jackie Walorski

Friday, December 5, 2008

Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers up Sexual Abuse of 13 year old.

Another outrageous move by Indiana Planned Parenthood! Caught on an undercover videotape, an Indiana Planned Parenthood nurse advises a 13-yr. old girl, who admitted becoming impregnated by a 31 yr.old man, to lie about the man's age, lie about statutory rape, told her how to get an abortion out-of-state and circumvent Indiana's abortion & informed consent laws for minors. I, as a State Representative, sent a letter of "outrage" today to Indiana Planned Parenthood and demanded answers to, what appears to be appalling treatment of a minor and victim of a crime. I also suggested they immediately terminate that employee that offered to cover up a felony. I also plan to address this issue and their newly launched, "gift certificates for abortions" in the upcoming session.

Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers Up Sexual Abuse of 13-year Old

In the meantime, please read the article below, click on the link to and see the video for's very disturbing this happened in Bloomington, Indiana. Feel free to call Indiana Planned Parenthood and express your opinion, 317-637-4343.

State Representative Jackie Walorski

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