Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Over the past week, I have spoken to several groups of Hoosiers from Northern Indiana about the general state of our culture. At one meeting, when I talked about the amount of debt that St. Joseph County is carrying, some people tried to "rationalize" the debt, others tried to "blame" other counties for stealing St. Joseph County's jobs, and still others said it is "acceptable" to have a 22% debt load while the rest of the State pales in comparison. There was a small group of people who came up with, what seemed to be a radical idea, which is "living within your budget". It seems that people are conditioning themselves to just accept "government spending".

Which goes to my point last week in my legislative wrap, that until we cap spending, at every level of government, there will be no long term help for taxpayers. A state spending cap is just as crucial as a local spending cap. Hopefully we'll have a Republican majority in the Indiana House in 2009 and we'll be able to accomplish this.

I walked into a local coffee shop this morning and the topic of conversation was why the South Bend School Corporation is allowing Barack Obama to visit Washington High School but they denied Hillary Clinton. What an interesting story unfolding. If anyone is going to hear Obama tomorrow night at 10pm in South Bend...ask him where he stands on the 2nd amendment...curious as to why neither Democratic Presidential candidate is talking about gun rights.

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