Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"In God We Trust"

I was delighted to see that our, "In God We Trust" plate withstood the latest ACLU test. It's amazing that 1.6 million Hoosiers would know what's right and not right about a license plate but it took the ACLU to drag, yet another, "God" issue into a Hoosier courtroom. Hoosiers obviously appreciate the reference to God or they wouldn't have responded in near record proportions to the BMV for this plate to be proudly displayed on their vehicle. I see more of those plates, in Northern Indiana, than I do any other plate.

For the next two weeks as Senators Clinton and Obama pound their way through the Hoosier state, I wonder what Obama will think when he sees, "In God We Trust" just about everywhere? Will he still want the votes from those "God fearing" Hoosiers or will he write them off as "bitter and uninformed"?

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