Sunday, July 12, 2009

Write your US Congressman & Senator..Be a Voice!

Everywhere I have been this weekend, I am being asked the question, “What are we going to do about Obama completely taking over everything we are doing and everything we have? I tell them to call their US Congressman and US Senator and start rattling their cages over these concerns, such as: astronomical debt, never to be paid off in our lifetime; socialized medicine; nationalized companies and tax increases quickly approaching at every level. They look at me with almost blank stares and start talking about how powerless they feel.

In the meantime, the South Bend Tribune is reporting today that Obama’s team has “volunteers”, or perhaps paid ACORN employees, canvassing the West Side of South Bend….knocking on doors, just like a political campaign, “selling” Obama’s national health care to the neighborhood.

On the State side of “politics”, House Speaker Pat Bauer is in that same paper bashing the budget that was just passed in the Indiana General Assembly, complaining that it didn’t spend enough money even though, he, as House Speaker, controls every single bill that comes to the floor for a vote. The only way to “spend” more money in Indiana is to raise taxes so there is more money to spend and we said NO which protected taxpayers. So, today, Bauer is actively “selling” his opposition to a budget that he allowed to pass!

On the local side of politics this morning, there is the St. Joseph County Council and the City of South Bend using “scare tactics” to raise the Option Income Tax this upcoming week. South Bend is threatening to layoff and cut off their own vital first responders in order to get their residents to beg for another tax. Why is it that Mishawaka’s mayor just cut their budget, laid off 25 people, left 10 other positions empty and balanced their budget and didn’t touch one police officer or firefighter?

Why are these community leaders using scare tactics and running their tax increase campaigns like political campaigns? It’s interesting that at the National, State and Local level….there is a common thread running through all of the political rhetoric that is tied to either your health or your pocket through new, massive taxation….it seems to be fear and intimidation of working Hoosiers and Americans.

When rational discussions don’t produce the results that the other side wants, they resort to what they know best, winning elections through fear. So, while the other side is running campaigns on national health care, raising taxes at every level…it’s about time OUR side shakes off this “fear” and gets moving.

Instead of feeling powerless and overwhelmed, let’s grab ourselves by our bootstraps and engage in this battle before we lose it! I encourage every Hoosier to “wake up”, reach deep inside of your selves and emerge with a resolve like a pit bull that “enough is enough” and we’re taking our role seriously as a voter and a Hoosier. While the other side is knocking on doors, we should be doing the same. While the other side is filling up local newspapers with their “spin” and rhetoric…we should be sharing our opinions by the thousands! While the other side is raising money, gearing up for the 2010 elections….we should raise more…let’s embrace capitalism, not run from it! Let’s embrace the issues of today and confront them head on…not give into fear!

This week, write your US Congressman and US Senator and tell them to vote NO on National Health Care, Cap and Trade and massive tax increases…also write to your local papers and tell them the same thing! Show up at the Council meetings in St. Joseph County and express your opinion on raising taxes without budget cuts!! Rise up and be an active participant in this battle and engage the other side on the front line!

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