Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thanks to those of you that called or emailed me about the issue of printing same sex marriage photos in The Truth. I did an interview yesterday morning on WFRN and it sounds like hundreds of people responded. You might want to check out The Truth’s editorial today, it seems as though they are rock solid in their decision and are amused at the response of those that disagree with their decision. You can still call and give your opinion; it seems as though they are tracking the responses.

I spoke with Managing Editor, Greg Halling, to express concern as to why they would publish something that isn’t legal here and in today’s editorial they equate this decision with printing birth announcements even if the babies are born “out of wedlock” but being born out of wedlock isn’t illegal and the birth is still recognized by the State as legitimate. It’s the voters in Indiana that choose the laws and the community standard by which we live and are governed. Mr. Halling’s number is 574-294-1661, the CEO of Federated Media which owns The Truth is Mr. John Dille 111, and he can be reached at 574-295-2500.

On another issue, PLEASE take another minute and again, call your Congressman, either Joe Donnelly or Mark Souder and express your NO vote on the Nationalized Health Care issue. The President declared last night that he wants this program on the fast track and on his desk by August….that means a vote in less than three weeks. This issue will probably be decided by the Blue Dog Democrats, of which Joe Donnelly, is one. It is critical that we don’t let the best health care system in the world be dismantled by a government takeover.

My husband and I know, first hand, what it’s like to live in a country with socialized medicine and it’s horrific. When we were missionaries in Eastern Europe, nearly every nation used the same, broken model of socialized medicine and the only way they could contain cost, was to limit access. Therefore, the minute a citizen went from the “asset” side to the “liability” side, getting health care was nearly impossible. Doctors quit working because they made no money, conditions rapidly deteriorate in hospitals when no new ones are built and equipment isn’t replaced because of lack of funds. “Important people or VIP’s” will have connections to move to the front of the line, if there is a special need, while others wait for months. The actual “value” we place on life in this country will completely deteriorate.

As a legislator, I am involved in this same situation, as I battle for constituents’ lives when they fall through the system of Medicaid. When it’s Friday at 5pm and some bureaucrat hasn’t filed a paper, or lost it on their desk, or an “I” isn’t dotted or a “T” crossed and an ill person is denied access to their doctor, their prescriptions…when those moments happen, you need an elected official whose willing to move mountains on behalf of helping people in need. Elected officials at the State and Federal level do this every day. We all have staffs who know how to intervene in these critical situations because they happen all the time. These situations will multiply by the millions with government making decisions about the lives of individual Americans.

Ask your Congressman to slow this train down, regroup and come up with a plan that maintains private insurance and protects individual choice. This is still the United States of America but if we sell out our own, individual futures to the government as the banks and auto industry have done there won’t be anyone left to “bail” us out when this program fails, it will cost actual lives…..that cost is too high.

Please call Congressman Joe Donnelly today at 202-225-3915 or locally at 574-288-2825 and call Congressman Mark Souder at 202-225-4436 or locally at 574-533-5802. We only have a small window of time to hold off a government takeover…this is by far the most important issue facing our fellow citizens today. Thank you!

Reminder to those of you walking with me in the Elkhart County 4H Fair Parade, we will be meeting at 12:30 in the LinWay Shopping Center parking lot and the parade begins at 1:30pm. Please feel free to bring a friend! It should be a beautiful day and there is usually 30,000 people on the parade route! See you on Sunday!

Thank you.

Jackie Walorski
State Representative

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