Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Budget Passes

The 2009 Special Session of the General Assembly is over and the budget is passed and signed into law. Thank you to every one of you who got involved, called the Speaker’s office and exerted significant pressure to get a budget passed before the State shut down.

There’s good and bad in every budget. I didn’t write this budget nor was I at the table, as a minority House member but there was a great deal of collaboration between the House Republicans, Senate Republicans and those Democrats that wanted to be involved. The budget puts us in a stable position as our economy continues to fluctuate. More importantly, this budget does not set us up for a massive tax increase by spending down every stabilization fund. It also has cut nearly 10% from every State agency, which I believe is important. Thanks again to all of you for getting involved in the process, it made a difference!

Just a reminder: I will NOT be in the Walkerton Parade this weekend, on Friday, July 3rd. I had to previously cancel my spot in the parade because we were told to cancel ALL plans and plan on being in Indianapolis all week and possibly into the weekend. Thanks to those of you who were going to walk, but I will not be there this year.

The next parade is the BIG one at the Elkhart County 4H Fair on July 19th. I need as many walkers as possible there. Either call my voicemail at 574-293-6622 or email to confirm for that parade!

Thanks again and have a GREAT 4th of July weekend!

Jackie Walorski
State Representative, District 21

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