Monday, December 15, 2008

Planned Parenthood~No protection for Women

Late last week I sent a letter to Attorney General Steve Carter asking for him to formally investigate Indiana's Planned Parenthood Agency. I did so after viewing the "sting" operation video tape that was released to the world via the Fox News Program, Bill O'Reilly. I was appalled at the reaction of a PP employee to a supposed 13-yr. old Hoosier girl who had been the victim of a statutory rape, by a 31-yr. old man, a felony in Indiana. The PP employee overlooked the crime, covered up a felony and then advised the young crime victim to go over the State lines to get an abortion where no one would know and back into the arms of a sex abuser.

Where has the State of Indiana drifted to, if we cannot stand up for the personal protection of our young women? Domestic violence in Indiana, and nationwide, is often unreported or under reported and claims thousands of women as victims. Here, caught on videotape, was yet another potential victim and thousands of Hoosiers are standing by silently as this kind of crime is covered up.

I hope, during this Season when we are celebrating life, we add common sense, "personal protection for young Hoosiers" to our list of things we are praying for. Wake up Hoosiers...this catastrophe at Planned Parenthood is symbolic of anyone and everyone's daughter.

Jackie Walorski

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