Friday, December 5, 2008

Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers up Sexual Abuse of 13 year old.

Another outrageous move by Indiana Planned Parenthood! Caught on an undercover videotape, an Indiana Planned Parenthood nurse advises a 13-yr. old girl, who admitted becoming impregnated by a 31 yr.old man, to lie about the man's age, lie about statutory rape, told her how to get an abortion out-of-state and circumvent Indiana's abortion & informed consent laws for minors. I, as a State Representative, sent a letter of "outrage" today to Indiana Planned Parenthood and demanded answers to, what appears to be appalling treatment of a minor and victim of a crime. I also suggested they immediately terminate that employee that offered to cover up a felony. I also plan to address this issue and their newly launched, "gift certificates for abortions" in the upcoming session.

Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers Up Sexual Abuse of 13-year Old

In the meantime, please read the article below, click on the link to and see the video for's very disturbing this happened in Bloomington, Indiana. Feel free to call Indiana Planned Parenthood and express your opinion, 317-637-4343.

State Representative Jackie Walorski

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