Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kudos to Emergency Responders!

Kudos to the Emergency Responders from all over Elkhart, St. Joseph & LaPorte Counties for braving yesterday's paralyzing, freezing rain storm. I haven't seen the kind of damage brought by freezing rain with the closure of US 31, Indiana Toll Road and the US 20 Bypass in decades.

There were dozens of accidents on the US 20 bypass and when the police barricaded the entrances, trying to shut off traffic, there were several reports of people getting out, moving the barricades and getting on the ice rink to drive! Unbelievable. In the midst of traffic accidents everywhere, our Emergency Responders do what they always do...their best to protect all of us, even the wild ones who insist on driving in treacherous conditions.

I'll bet some legislator will have a new law, ready for the books, about driving around barricades in emergencies! Just kidding. It's just another example of the inability to legislate common sense..even if it means saving lives or saving us from ourselves!

A huge thank you to every responder who risked their lives to save dozens of Hoosiers.

Jackie Walorski

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Tim Wesco said...

Thank you! Unfortunately it was nearly impossible for us to access the by-pass because of the ice.