Sunday, August 3, 2008

***IMPORTANT***Gun Ban in Mishawaka...

It seems surreal to be sending this blog about a "gun ban" in government buildings in the City of Mishawaka, but it's true! The City of Mishawaka is hearing a second reading ordinance Monday night, August 4, at 7pm looking to ban firearms from all public buildings, including City Hall, Utility Building, Senior Citizen Center and the Library. The problem with a gun ban is that they don't work and they only disarm law-abiding citizens.

As a State Legislator, I have been a leader in Pro-Second Amendment legislation and the US Supreme Court just ruled that we, as citizens, DO have the right to bear arms, and more importantly, defend ourselves.

I am quite dismayed that the ordinance also allows for this same Council to expand this "gun ban", at any time, with a simple resolution. Most of us have seen time and time again that the only people paying attention to resolutions and laws are law-abiding people, not criminals or people with an intention to hurt another person. While the Council is very well intentioned, I am disheartened to think that a conservative community like Mishawaka is going to limit my right to protect myself. Even my gun permit says that if I am reckless in any manner with a gun, that my permit will be revoked and I can be charged with a Felony....isn't that greater than a simple ordinance that cannot be enforced?

If you're interested in this issue and want to join me at the Mishawaka Council Chambers at 7pm, please do so. I believe in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

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