Saturday, August 30, 2008

Historic Day for Republicans!

Three cheers for Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin!! It's about time that Republicans select a conservative woman to a national office. Why is it when Hillary Clinton was running it was about the inclusiveness of the Democratic Party and now that Gov. Palin is on the field, it's about Republicans "looking for votes"? What a croc!

There are a couple of fascinating things about the opposition's "push back" from McCain's selection of VP.

First, Obama's campaign staff immediately said that Gov. Palin has "no experience" and "will overturn Roe vs.. Wade". Hmmm..... she is the ONLY person of the 4 (McCain, Obama, Biden) that has ANY executive experience. She has battled "Big Oil" and won. She cleaned up corruption...and bucked the system. Maybe that's the problem.

Perhaps, Obama's campaign folks are realizing that the issue of "life" cannot simply be shoved aside as a "let's have less unwanted pregnancy" issue but that we're at another pivotal moment again in the history of the United States. If liberal Democrats believe that the majority of Americans are pro-choice, then they wouldn't worry about pro-life candidates emerging as leaders in this nation. If they truly believe that Roe vs.. Wade is in it not them, the liberal Democrats themselves, who are aligning themselves against the majority opinion of most Americans?

I met Geraldine Ferraro last year at a Women's Legislative Conference and, eventhough we're 180 degrees apart on issues, I thanked her for standing up and leading in 1984, when I was 21 yrs. old. That was the beginning of my political interest. Ferraro told me that most women, my age, that come up to meet her are amazingly very conservative and they thank her for emerging when she did.

Today, another historic day... this time for Republicans. As a Legislator, wife and a woman, I am proud to support the McCain/Pelin ticket. Go Sarah!!!

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