Friday, June 20, 2008

"Feeling Optimistic" just the past 3 days, there are new warriors joining us on the battle lines to take back the Indiana House of Representatives! I cannot remember a time when we had a Republican candidate that said, "yes" to running against the every Statehouse seat held by the Democratic tide in SJ County, but we do! For nearly the first time in history, we have candidates running in every seat for the Statehouse!

Kevin Mitschelen is running against House Speaker Pat Bauer, former Elkhart Mayor Dave Miller is running against Craig Fry, former SJ County Councilman Dale Devon is running against Ryan Dvorak, and Dan Herbster is running against David Niezgodski!! These guys are putting their own lives "on hold" to battle for what they believe has to "change" in the Indiana House, which is the control of the House.

I am beginning to sense a feeling of "oh, no you don't" wafting down from the federal level. As people are now seeing the reality of having a Barack Obama or a John McCain for President they are stepping up and saying, "we're taking back control of our State". There is reason to be optimistic today and encouraged, folks! There's only one group of people who will fight for family values AND the working middle class and that's us, so let's gear up for the biggest battle of our lifetime and fight for our fellow Hoosiers!

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