Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Elkhart's Dometic Corporation

Today’s announcement of “new jobs” at Elkhart’s Dometic Corporation, by Governor Mitch Daniels, was quite an interesting one.  I was sitting on the front row flanked by media behind.  As the Governor began speaking about the importance of “in-sourcing” jobs from Sweden, Mexico and China he boldly declared, “this proves my point that you bet we are competitive and that’s how we’ll rebuild America’s economy…bring those jobs back here to our soil.”   OK, I’m paraphrasing a bit, but that was the point. It struck me that the Governor sounded like he was addressing a national audience, a national press corps and that he was confident in his approach to fixing an ailing national economy and that today was proof that it can be done…yes, it can be done, Gov.    I commented to a friend of mine, “Sounds like the Gov is running for President”! Ironically, the sitting President is coming here tomorrow…I wonder how boldly and confidently he’ll be declaring the economic turnaround with proof that his plan is working or will work? Could we actually be looking at a Presidential ticket with our Gov on it? Anything’s possible in Indiana…we may have just seen a sneak peek of that today.  Could our Gov actually run for President?  Yes, he can…..if he wants to.  

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