Friday, June 26, 2009


URGENT: Please call Congressman Joe Donnelly right now and urge him to vote NO on the Cap and Trade bill, which will be voted within the next hour! This bill is a HUGE utility tax increase for all Hoosiers and completely hurts our State’s job forecast. I hardly ever ask you to get involved in a federal issue but this is critical and so is Obama’s health care plan. I’ll send more on that as that vote gets closer. But, today, if we stand together and reach out to ALL of our Indiana Congressmen, but especially in Northern Indiana, ask Joe to vote NO.

Also: for those of you who heard me LIVE on WFRN this morning, we have a new abortion clinic opened in Fort Wayne, Indiana that is performing “chemical” or “medical” abortions using RU486 and a combination of drugs that induce miscarriages to be done at home. This “take home abortion kit” has successfully skirted virtually all of Indiana’s laws that protect young girls and adult women from the risks of infection and complications that arise from botched abortions. Stay tuned on further legislative measures that we will be taking to change this situation.

Finally: Call House Speaker Pat Bauer and tell him to QUIT playing political games with YOUR tax money and to get a budget passed and END this special session of the General Assembly!!! The Governor has now embarked on a mission around the State to ask House Democrats to vote with their districts and not their “boss” so we can pass a responsible budget that doesn’t raise taxes.

This is an important hour for America as we look squarely at the Cap and Trade bill, a HUGE utility tax increase and at the State level…another giant tax increase if we don’t pass a responsible budget NOW.

I have already called Rep. Joe Donnelly and am hoping you will do the same. This is important.

Thank you very much.

Jackie Walorski
State Representative

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