Monday, October 15, 2007

From Jackie's Desk...

Good Morning! There is so much happening right now, I wanted to slow down a bit to catch you up, and let you know what I've been up to the past few weeks!

I was honored to speak at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky last weekend. Not only am I a huge proponent of our 2nd amendment rights but am honored to have co authored the lifetime handgun permit in Indiana back in 2006. There were over 800 people in attendance representing pro gun groups from all over the nation..from the NRA, 2nd Amendment Patriots, to every small grass roots group in the country. I urged them to pass the Castle Doctrine in every state this next session as well as the lifetime handgun permit. I'll be carrying two pro gun bills (or amendments) in the upcoming session...good, common sense gun bills. Stay tuned for more details on that as the time approaches.

Yesterday I had a chance to speak to about 60 candidates and "would be" candidates running for office in Indiana. These are die hard conservatives that have either already committed to running or are helping someone else's campaign. We have great hope for the future by the looks of the folks that showed up at that training conference!
Thank you for your support, I am looking forward to the things that are ahead! You can now keep in touch with me through Face Book and My Space! Stop in an drop me a note!
Keep pressing forward!!

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