Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I just returned from a Legislative Conference and learned that several states are looking at the repeal of property taxes as an option for the changing dynamics of their individual tax structures.

Georgia is wiping out their entire tax structure including property tax, gas tax, etc. and replacing the entire system with 2 flat taxes, income & sales, same amount across the board.

Florida is losing their senior citizen population who retire & live there as residents and property taxes have soared out of control so they are looking at eliminating residential property taxes in their next session.

Our effort to at least get the elimination of property taxes on the table as a "possible solution" is gaining much momentum in the past week. The Indiana Farm Bureau has now tossed their hat into the ring and brings many more thousands of grassroots people wanting to see change.

I am more optimistic today, than I was last week, that we have a real chance to usher in long term property tax reform because of the crisis half of the State is experiencing in this latest tax fiasco. We have a window of opportunity to change our system of taxation. If we move quickly, we could actually get a new tax plan on the ballot in May '08 and allow Hoosiers to vote on a referendum...what a great day that would be!